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Arranged for internet and home computer

Published by Hebron Books 2013

Special Water2Draw Edition Published 2017


The W.E.B. King James Bible is designed to give the user a simple, fast and efficient tool by which to easily access and locate scriptures for  reading, studying, copying and pasting purposes. Links are provided throughout this work for quick connection to every chapter of the Bible.  The arranger of this work wishes the user great success in their own work.

                 Old Testament
            New Testament  

2 Chronicles Daniel Matthew 1 Timothy
Exodus Ezra Hosea Mark 2 Timothy
Leviticus Nehemiah Joel Luke Titus
Numbers Esther Amos John Philemon
    Deuteronomy     Job Obadiah Acts Hebrews
Joshua  Psalms Jonah Romans James
Judges Proverbs Micah 1 Corinthians 1 Peter
Ruth Ecclesiastes Nahum 2 Corinthians 2 Peter
1 Samuel Song Of Solomon Habakkuk Galatians 1 John
2 Samuel Isaiah Zephaniah Ephesians 2 John
1 Kings Jeremiah Haggai Philippians 3 John
2 Kings Lamentations       Zechariah       Colossians Jude
1 Chronicles Ezekiel Malachi 1 Thessolonians     Revelation    
2 Thessolonians