Angela Buck's Home Page    Heartwarming and inspiring stories of visions, miracles, spiritual experience, hope and faith in Angela Buck's books of inspiration about walking with angels on earth and in heaven. "Angels Walk With Me" and "A Walk In Heaven". Plus Kimberly Halcomb's Christian novel "The House Of  Kyle" and the new W.E.B. King James Bible, arranged by W.E. Buck.



Inspirational Books
By Angela Buck and Kimberly Halcomb

"Angels Walk With Me" By Angela Buck

Supernatural Miracles!!         Angels!!          Visions!!

"Angels  Walk   With Me" is the miraculous, uplifting, true story of one woman’s struggle from child abuse, street life, alcoholism and mental institution to a glorious encounter with God, followed by a powerful ministry which still blesses lives all across America. The miracles and signs are told in such a way as to bring the reader into the very heart of these phenomenal happenings. Her personal encounters with Angels, the intimate Voice of God and her overcoming faith, in spite of all odds, will truly inspire and strengthen you and lift your faith  in an all powerful and loving God.

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"A Walk In Heaven" by Angela Buck

!! Walk With An Angel Through Heaven !!

In  "A Walk In Heaven" you will step with Angela into the portals of heaven and be guided by an angel on a glorious journey through streets of gold, spectacular mansions and glorious sights. You will meet with believers and hear their moving testimonies and what they said in their last moments on earth and what they felt as they crossed over into the eternities. You will meet the one who carried the cross of Jesus, and the one who nailed Him to that cross. Laughing and smiling with the angel you will stop at the River of Life, feeling as if you too were drinking from the everlasting fountain, receiving words of comfort and hope that will truly inspire you to finish your earthly journey "in Christ" and walk on streets of gold through eternity, enjoying the everlasting glories of Heaven. "A Walk In Heaven" is both a source of peace to the one nearing the end of this life and a comfort to those left behind. 

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"The House Of Kyle"  by Kimberly Halcomb

Sheryle’s world has always been a little mixed up. Locked in a world far different from her peers, she begins to hate her house, her foster mother and then herself as sinking slowly into death, she finds the only one she has ever loved parting. From a house that is not pretty, a foster mother rarely around and an ailing foster brother, Sherry must learn to trust not only her social worker, Miss Horner, but the angel of a man. The man she had seen so long ago. The man whose eyes reveal something Sherry has yet to find. Something she desperately wishes she can have. But, what is it? What is this hope offered to the hopeless? This contentment given to the restless. And, above all, what is this house? This house, far different from her own and... “not made with hands, eternal in the heavens....”

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"The Darkest Hour"  By Angela Buck  

From common rags to uncommon riches! "The Darkest Hour" is evidence that angels are there to help you and keep you in even the most fearful of times. Directing your steps and life toward a brighter day and happier, more prosperous future. "The Darkest Hour" details the first eighteen years of the life of Angela Buck, author of the acclaimed book "Angels Walk With Me". From this unlikely beginning came forth a vessel who’s books and ministry are still blessing and bringing hope into the lives of thousands of hurting and spiritually hungry people.


"A Beam Of Light" by Angela Buck

"A Beam Of Light" gives one a short glimpse into the realm of heaven. The beauty and preparation that awaits the saints will amaze you and the personal stories of those already there lends encouragement and comfort to those not yet released from the bonds of this life. A longer look at this glorious and eternal place is offered in Angela's Book "A Walk In Heaven" in which "A Beam Of Light" Is but the first chapter.


"An Angel Of A Man" by Kimberly Halcomb

Sheryle Anderson and Kyle Bennett are foster children in the home of a cruel woman whose only reason for being in the foster program is money from the state. Life begins to look better when an "angel of a man" with a promise and a hope comes into their lives. "An Angel Of A MAn" is the first chapter of Kimberly Halcomb's novel "The House Of Kyle"  


"W.E.B. King James Bible"

Designed and arranged by W.E. Buck

The W.E.B. King James Bible was designed to give the user a simple, fast and efficient tool by which to easily access and locate scriptures for  reading, studying, copying and and pasting purposes. Links are provided throughout this work for quick connection to every chapter of the Bible. Powered by any and all browsers! Incredibly fast when working the program "off line" on your personal computer! You will love it!

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About Angela Buck

Angela knelt at an altar in a small church holding a revival in Eugene, Oregon in 1966 and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. A life of neglect, abuse, street life, alcoholism and confinement in jail, juvenile home and mental institution. But at that altar all these "old things" passed away and she left that church a twenty year old "new creation". God had healed her mind and delivered her from the alcohol addiction that had so controlled her life. This was but the beginning of a "new life" that eventually propelled her into a ministry that still blesses thousands of souls across America. And the books of inspiration that came from her experiences bless thousands more around the world.


About Kimberly Halcomb

Kim Halcomb is daughter to William and Angela Buck, missionaries to inner city America. She is also the author of “The House Of Kyle”, a Christian novel, co-author of “Angels Walk With Me” and contributor to “A Walk In Heaven”.  Kim is the mother of five children (two adopted) and lives in Ozark, Missouri where she is raising her children, operating her own business, supporting a local church and assisting her parents in their ministry.

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Heartwarming and inspiring stories of visions, miracles, spiritual experience, hope and faith in Angela Buck's books of inspiration about walking with angels on earth and in heaven. Angels Walk With Me and A Walk In Heaven. Plus Kimberly Halcomb's Christian novel "The House Of  Kyle and the W.E.B. King James Bible, arranged by W.E. Buck.